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G McCollum

Baffling overheat issue

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This is an older topic, but I have an older TC. Three of them as a matter of fact. Delivery vans, heavy mileage. I have a 2010  with 305k and blown engine for parts, a 2011 with 250k and a 2013 with 271K and blown engine. Just replaced engine with used with 90k. Started for the first time today! However, after 30 minutes at idle, temp is mid gauge, but no fans. Follow bleed air procedure, 2500 rpm for 8 minutes. Temp slowly creeps up past 3/4, no fan. No decrease in coolant. Radiator is hot as are hoses. No codes. Ran KOEO test, fans came on. Seems that rules out fuses, which I checked, relays, fan motor and PCM? Any ideas? Replace the 2 temp sensors? The used engine, came with sensors. This van would sometimes overheat at traffic light pre blow up. I'm stumped.

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