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A couple of years ago I left my Connect on the drive running, I got out to open the drive gates and the wind blew the door shut. When I went back I found the whole van locked up, engine still running, my phone and house keys were inside the van, I was stuffed. I bashed a brick against the quarter-light glass to no avail, and in the end used a corner of a peice of handy angle iron I had behind the shed which broke the window getting me access into van, made a hell of a mess with tiny glass beads all over cab. Since then I have had endless issues with the central locking, I have had 5 new button tags, some days the back doors lock then they don't, I have to use the key for the drivers door. It's a 2010 van, getting on but it's only done 40000 miles so it's in good shape and not scappable yet. 

Any ideas anybody please. Is there perhaps a relay card to replace or something. I'm at my wits end with this van now. Earlier this year I couldn't get into the back of the van for over a month until I bought a new button fob. 

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