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19 USB issue

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I have a 2019 connect. there are 2 USB ports next to the 12V outlet both do not have power. The manual says in the under hood fuse block position 22 is a 5 amp fuse for the USB ports but in that location of the fuse block were the fuse would go there are NO terminals for the fuse. has anyone run into this?

tc usb fuse.jpg

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I had the same problem in my 2019. But the fuse you're looking for is in the passenger compartment fuse box that's under the glove-box, not the one that's under the hood. Check out the bottom of this page of the user manual, you're looking for Passenger Compartment Fuse Box, fuse location #18 "Wireless accessory charging module.":




I solved the issue not by changing the fuse, but by simply unplugging the 3 main plugs that connect to the fuse box. I think disconnecting and re-connecting them reset the computer and started supplying my USB plugs with power again. However, if that doesn't work for you, maybe you do need to change the fuse. Good luck! It was literally a pain in the neck to get my arms under the glove-box.



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