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Help with seats needed

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Hello all great forum : I brought new a 2014 transit connect xlt lwb , with 2.5 L eng Now has 28k miles. I have had basically all good expierinces up to now. I have a seat problem on 2nd row60/40 split.
I cannot get small portion (40) of seat to release from folded down position . I read D.Shockley's great seat write up and cannot get to removal bolts because seat is locked in the down postion.
Usually when I've had problems returning seat uprite with  pull straps not snaping back into position I would reach under and gently move around cable shouds until pull straps snapped back and everything worked ok. This time nothing doing. I released steel cable from a elongated clamshell type pod  figuring I woud pull cabel with hand plier : no luck . When I pull on cabel with black ferrel I hear and see the left side corner  of seat kinda release. When I Pull on cabel with white ferrel I get almost no movement and nothing seems to I want to/have to  remove entire seat to just put cabel ends back in clamshel the seat when folded down is impossible to get your hands on anything . I look at the 60 portion of seat which works fine as a template . I strted to think that I should remove the 60 seat and maybe that provide more access to 40 seat and allow to take frame apart as last resort. I hope I posted this in right area.I  Attached two photos. Thanks in advance for any help.image.thumb.jpeg.cf15a75341c4df1eb999d1436b6719e1.jpeg




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Found something new on seats being stuck on TCs 14 to 18. TSB 18-2179 was issued dated 03 july 2018.

So my last resort will be return to dealer for fix.  Attachment is copy of TSB. 


I also noticed two roller bearing type fasteners that look to me that attache seat bottom to folding   frame mechanism to floor seat stationery frame. I may consider loosening or removing in the hope that will allow me to raise seat btm. on angle to give height remove floor seat bolts or re attache cables.  Still I will look for more info/help. Thanks.




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