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Recalled side door latch and no power to door

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Hello recently I changed my front drivers door latch as the radio would not turn off when I opened the door because the electrical connection was broken. After that totally fine.


My rear sliding passenger door has no power window or power door lock working at this time I changed the power window motor (oem ford) and swapped the door control unit from the driver side to the passenger side and still no power. 


Vehicle is going in next week for the side door latch recall all fuses are fine I’m getting power at the frame where that “snake” looking wire loom comes into the door bottom.


My question is since these door latches have so much electrical nonsense in them do you think that my door latch is indeed bad therefore I’m not getting the window power and door lock power to the door.


There’s simply no more parts I can throw at this without buying the latch which I Vesely I’m not going to do because they’re being replaced under recall.


sorry So long-winded just trying to provide you with all the information i know in case any of you guys of had the recall done and got your power windows back etc.


Thanks in advance

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