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Replace BAF AV-1001 with Westport 2020-72

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My tech is having a tough time with the setup of this new module.  Westport bought BAF, and the replacement for my sick AV-1001 was a 2020-72 module and new wiring harness, but they didn't come with any instructions to splice the new harness into the original one.  Has anybody already solved this riddle and can share some way to move forward?

FodTransitConnect2012 - Av1001_OLD.jpg284325130_FodTransitConnect2012-202072901107.thumb.jpg.ed81e8cd1026a5725f401691b80aa13a.jpg

FodTransitConnect2012 - Wiring.jpg

FodTransitConnect2012 - Wiring2.jpg

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