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I have a Connect T200 2006 and have just had the rear lock replaced as it broke. I picked the van up and it wasn't until I got it home that I noticed that when you lock the doors from the key (i don't have a fob) all doors lock and then unlock?!

Another strange thing is that the interior light is on.

Obviously I can take the van back on Monday, but I want to lock my van up tonight!

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance

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or it could be that when they replaced the lock the electrical connection either in the lock itself or in the pillar hasnt made a good contact,if you unplug either then you get the same symptoms of it locking/unlocking. Only found out today as my rear door wont lock on the fob or on door locks. Annoying to say the least having to use the key to unlock the backdoor.

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