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Drivers door will lock with the key fob but won't unlock.

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Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated, I've searched endless to no avail, my key fob will unlock the passenger door, side loading door and back door but won't unlock the drivers do, it will however lock all the doors, anybody have any idea why? I have a 2002 1.8 TDDI SWB.

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Possibilities are as follows:


- If you mean that the key itself will turn to lock the driver door but not to unlock the driver door, the door lock needs servicing. Tibbe key locks can turn to lock with any key but not to unlock. Even the other style of laser cut key can falter allowing locking but not unlocking.


 - The button on your FOB could be kaputz

 - The battery on your FOB could be dying, and once your battery starts getting weaker, certain features get disabled


 - Wiring issue to the door lock actuator (the piece in the door that clicks into the door jamb to close the door and keep it closed)

 - Defect in the door lock actuator



Also I just joined so sorry if this response is late. Idk if this helps you out or if you managed to solve it yourself but at least it's something.

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