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Taking the plunge

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Hi there. I'm the proud owner of a 2014 Transit Connect XLT with extended cab. The warranty is going to expire at the end of the month which means I'm about to dive into building it out.


Short term goals:

  • Remove the false floor and install a second row bench. Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with ;)
  • Fabricate a platform that's level with the seats when folded down for sleeping, hauling, and additional storage.
  • Roof vent
  • Insulation / sound proofing
  • Replace plastic rear panels with floor to ceiling cabinets

Long term goals:

  • Manual transmission swap
  • Diesel engine swap
  • Small lift + bigger knobby tires
  • Sliding door windows


I've had the van for about a year. During that time I've been doing research in preparation for my build and kept finding myself on this forum. Needless to say, I'm excited to participate in your community. Cheers!

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