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Pacific Northwest new guy

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Living north of Seattle in Snohomish County, we face a changed work situation that will give time to take driving trips across the country.  Rather than a fly/rent approach we are excited to do it on four wheels in a minimalist package.


So I am looking for a 1st gen Ford Transit Connect XLT (300A, 310A, 510A, or 520A) in white or silver to adopt/adapt as our "home" along the way.  Late-2012 or 2013 is preferred but will consider others.  The attractions are slightly better headroom, the stealth and innocent look for my wife's enjoyment, and the very compact packaging.  I'm not afraid of high miles but would prefer not to start with a roughed-up 170,000 mile fleet vehicle, and good ones are out there.


Your help, suggestions, hints, pointers, cautions, arguments, resources for a simple workable conversation, and offers to sell are all welcome!


I am semi-retired, still involved with a small consulting business, and enjoying recreational pursuits like kayaking, hiking and instructing HPDE track days for Audi and Porsche.  These activities can follow us around the country as we explore communities and landscapes more thoroughly than was possible on short family vacations at a younger age.


Off topic, I've had some involvement with Ford during the Alan Mulally years in addition to being a shareholder.  I remain very loyal to my '08 Ford Ranger FX4 that has served valiantly, so I feel comfortable with the brand, the drivetrains, and the fuel economy and reliability expectations for a late-VIN Transit Connect.


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