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need dimensions and features/options availability

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does anyone know if there is a "crew" version (2nd row of seats and windows behind driver, with cargo area and windowless panels behind that) of the transit connect? if so...

-- what is the width between the walls, above the rear wheel wells?

-- what is the depth of the cargo area, from the inside of the back door to the top of the 2nd row of seats, while seats are still in the upright position?

-- are interior cargo dimensions different between older version (ie.: 2010) and the better looking "facelifted" version (ie.: 2017)?

-- what is the interior like in the 2nd row passenger area? seats comfortable or purely for utility? insulated for sound, or just bare metal?

-- is there an option for windowless back doors? maybe hatchback?

and while we're at it, my actual preference is the transit custom, which is only sold as close as mexico. is it possible to get one in the US?

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