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Step by step 2015 TC rear air filter

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Rate this one under harder than it should be, but fairly easy.

The filter can be washed. It is just urethane foam, not a paper element. Unless it is torn or damaged, just wash it with dish soap and warm water.

Materials and tools:

Torx T-20 screwdriver.

Motorcraft FP75 filter element* (you can definitely wash these instead of replacing, unless it is damaged)

1. Move driver seat full forward and jack up the seat to the highest level, set the seat back forward.

2. Remove the T-20 screw from the filter housing.

3. The filter housing is supposed to rotate about 20 degrees CCW to come out. However, there are 3 clips around it. Poke your finger down the slot and release the claw inside by pushing it outward. There's one just right of the screw, and one at the very front and one at the driver's door side. I couldn't reach the one on the door side. But by releasing the front one and the one near the screw, I was able to convince it to rotate.

4. Remove the filter housing by wiggling it clear of the seat and under seat air duct.

5. There are three clips that you press gently to release the inner filter housing cage.

6. Replace or wash the filter element and dry it.

7. Install the filter on the inner cage, engaging the bottom edge of the filter in the slot around the bottom of the inner cage.

8. Line up the inner filter cage and snap it back into the filter housing.

9. Line up the filter housing on the blower motor and rotate it 20 degrees to snap it into place.

10. Install the retaining screw.

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