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Hi all,

I am looking for a Silver XLT Wagon.

It has to have:

Less than 15,000 miles

Reverse Sensors

50-State Emissions

It would be nice if has:

255 degree back doors

Not too many used transits near me. I'm willing to travel if you can meet me by an airport. Road trip!!

Thanks for looking.

PM me if you have one.

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Very cool! Thanks man, i was wishing there was a way to search all CL.

To everyone else, I'm still looking.


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I know I think I did pretty good.

Got a silver XLT wagon with 10,000 miles. Its in perfect shape and is fully loaded-even has remote start! Doesn't have the computer though but it has seemingly every other option. Its not a 50 state vehicle but I found out that it is OK to not get a 50 state vehicle in CA as long as it has more than 7500 miles on it when you buy and it passes smog, which the 49 state transit easily does.

Paid $17,750 OTD

:happy feet:

Not too bad since I sold my 2004 F150 FX4 for $16750 and the enclosed trailer I had for $4000. Leaves me some money left over to set the transit up. I'll post pix when I get 'er done.

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