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Building Frankenstein ?

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Hello all

I pick up one of those 2012 ford transit gliders kits that came from the company azure dynamics bankruptcy auction . I also got a totaled 2013 with 1100 miles on it . The donor ran and drove when I pulled it in to the garage

I installed the engine, trans, PCM and other little bits in ,just need to weld the fuel tank floor brackets . Everything works electric wise truck seems to see the key fob ,fuel pump runs when the key is cycled but it will not crank , the shifter seems to know where it's at since the reverse camara works . All the dash lights/ waning lights do as they should when the key is turned to on , but when turned to start no cranking .

I trouble shot the starter relay and I'm getting 12v pos to the tigger when the key is turned but no ground signal from the PCM .

The one thing I've done is used all the stuff from the glider kit like the GEM module (different options the the donor )dash cluster but the PCM from the donor . I'm wondering What might need to have the vin # changed as their maybe a issue with the components may have different vin # tags with them to get them to talk together ?

I stopped into my local ford dealer and asked but they weren't sure and want to " bring it in" so they can "poke at it with a stick" on my dime .

Any help on where to look toward finding the issue so if I do need to take it in for a " flashing" and tell them what I need and I don't have to pay $$$$$ for them to fool around .

Thanks Todd

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