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reprogram my fob

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Hi my fob wasn't working very well, it would need a couple of goes sometimes to open the doors. So gave it to a bloke in a key cutting place to check battery and he said it was holding a good charge. after he replaced it the thing wouldn't work at all. A man in M53 ford garage said the battery had been left out to long and now it needs reprograming so he tried doing it by turning on and off the ignition a number of times first 5 then 10. Still no good. He recommended a key/secure shop who then also tried it saying you do it 6 times but still no joy. He mentioned it could be a different number of times depending on the year. So does anyone know how to reset the key on my connect 2010. And do you go from possition one to lights or completely off to lights. Would rearly appreciate some help.

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