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2010 TC - Locks Grind When Opened From Fob

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My apologies in advance if this has been covered.

Several months ago my door locks started acting up. The doors auto-lock when driving, but then don't unlock when stopped and in park. The only way to get out was to use the fob to unlock or to unlock the *passenger* side manually (the driver side would not unlock).

This was/is a hassle, but I just adapted.

NOW, about a week ago, the locks make a grinding noise whenever the unlock button on the fob is pushed. As if it's trying to electrically unlock the doors 100 times in the space of a second, instead of just once. The doors do unlock, but the noise is annoying and I'm worried that this might deteriorate to something even worse.

I had my local dealer (who's pretty good on most things) look at the earlier problem and they couldn't figure out how to fix it. So I'm doubtful about going back there for another shot.

I tried popping the fuse (#163) and reinserting it, in hopes of a reset. No luck.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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Lock actuator motor is bad. You will have to buy the entire latch assembly to replace it. In the mean time you can take off your door panel and unplug the actuator to get rid of the sound. However, this is only a temporary fix leaving your tc unlockable.

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