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Nokia Bluetooth

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I have to confess to being a little stumped by the Nokia Bluetooth feature.

My first TC had the FWS Computer which I thankfully (I think) abandoned by opting for the standard CD unit and Nokia Bluetooth option in TC #2.

What I'm a little confused by is how the Nokia system integrates with the head unit. Rather than being a Bluetooth system that's integrated into the vehicle and connects to the head unit, all of the functionality (pairing/etc) seems to be a function of the head unit itself; and the only thing the Nokia system adds is the microphone and access to it and voice commands that are seem to be proprietary to the head unit, rather than part of the Nokia system itself.

Given the fact that the Nokia system also adds the steering column radio controls, it would seem that logical that the Nokia system would be an adjunct that should be able to be used with other head units. As it stands, it seems that the head unit and bluetooth systems are tied together, and the bluetooth system is as useless without the stock CD unit as many of the head unit's features are without the bluetooth system.

Am I correct in thinking that rather than marketing the system as a "Nokia Bluetooth System", it should simply be presented as two different audio options, one that supports Voice Control and integrated Bluetooth and one that doesn't?

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