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Found 1 result

  1. dave750

    Reverse camera wiring query

    Hi guys, first of all I would like to apologise if this question has been asked previously, I have searched. I have the basic 2010 T200 75ps model Ford Transit Connect. I urgently needed a reverse camera for the safety of my young children and so have purchased a camera and standalone monitor kit of which the monitor has a suction cup to attach to the windshield. The camera simply replaces the right hand side number plate light, there are two wires from the camera that connect to the old number plate lighting wires. Here is my first question. 1) I have noticed on the connector for the right number plate light there are two power wires, does it matter which one I connect to please I only want the camera and monitor to power up when reverse gear is selected. The are two wires on the camera which need connecting to the reverse light positive and negative (of which I believe the positive wire is green/black) if someone can confirm that would be great. I have connected the video cable which routes to the front of the van and connects to the adapter on the monitor, but this is where I am stumped. The standalone monitor requires a positive 12v feed and a ground. If I only want the camera to activate when reverse gear is selected where can I connect the positive wire to please. Would appreciate any advice greatly