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  1. I am accumulating the parts to do a DDIN install in my 15 Connect XL LWB. It has the steering wheel controls and 4" backup screen so I'm debating if I NEED a harness adapter to keep the backup screen. Crutchfield has the Crux one for $99 (kinda pricey for an unfinished harness) that supposedly retains steering wheel control and the 4" screen but some are saying it puts a draw on the battery. I have no desire to make my vehicle, which is parked most of the time, have a dead battery. I plan to manually cut and splice the wires with crimp nuts rather than buying a harness that isn't even plug and play. If I leave the wires from the OEM harness going to the 4" display will it still work or does it pull its power FROM the factory head unit? I haven't done audio in a newer style car before, it's all been pre 2005 era so easy peasy. This new stuff looks like a nightmare lol! Any suggestions on other places to find a harness that won't drain my battery or install tips would be appreciated.
  2. DrBrown54

    Weird Nuetral Behavior

    OK first off, this is not normal behavior lol. I would never think to do this either but in gear while coasting, it wants to downshift and when it does it actually surges forward rather than slowing it down. Most good transmissions basically drop RPMs to idle as it coasts to a stop. I revved it in neutral just to see if it was gear specific or if it does it all the time - it's both. I think it's safe to say a transmission converter should not be engaged in neutral so I may need to look at babying this tranny before she goes POP. I hear they need fluid changed frequently so I may start with that. Sure would be nice if Ford hadn't taken the dipstick out of these so you could actually see if it's low or dirty. It's almost like they want to keep maintenance hidden from the owner so it blows a tranny and the dealer gets a $3000 check. Nah they wouldn't do that!
  3. I have a 15 XL LWB Ecoboost. I'm trying to find some wiring diagrams online and am coming up empty. I need a switched 12v power source to piggy back off of to power a couple mechanical gauges (lights only basically). If anyone can help me find out what color wire I'm looking for and where you'd be my hero!
  4. I realize this was an old post, but I'm finding them all over the place from Ebay to Crutchfield. I just got mine off Ebay because I wanted the silver and Crutchfield was out. They are about $76 usually and include the 4" slot for the backup camera. Anyway just bringing this back in case you're still looking. https://www.ebay.com/itm/363315750842
  5. DrBrown54

    Weird Nuetral Behavior

    I've had my 2015 Connect XL for a week (75k miles) and it's acting extremely weird. I was getting off a highway ramp and put it in neutral and revved it up and as the motor spins down it tries to engage the gear and surge forward like the transmission isn't fully out of gear when you manually put it in neutral. If you're at a stand still and rev the engine it does the same thing. I've never seen an automatic vehicle behave like that. I have read some negative reviews on the transmissions and after seeing the van do this I'm wondering what causes them to fail. I know earlier models were worse but is it a heat problem (possible fix by adding a tranny cooler?), or maybe a mechanical issue? Has anyone else had a connect tranny do this? I have a short warranty so if this is a sign of a weak tranny I want to know so I can diagnose and bring it up before my warranty runs out. Thanks in advance.