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  1. ChrisFL

    No power to AC controls

    That is the earliest appointment out of 3 Ford dealerships in my area. I am on their schedule to bring it in.
  2. ChrisFL

    No power to AC controls

    The earliest appointment that I could get in the dealership is 03/17/21, so I am waiting patiently to drop it off.
  3. ChrisFL

    No power to AC controls

    I dont see a temperature display anywhere. I have noticed that the start/ stop is disabled though.
  4. ChrisFL

    No power to AC controls

    I started our brand new Ford Transit XL high roof cargo van and took it for a drive after installing some of the shelving inside for our Plumbing Company here in FLorida and found out that the air condition controls were not lighting up and would not turn on. I tried the heat and nothing, no lights or anything. I also saw a symbol on the dash that shows the snowfllake and road and found that it stands for frost on road conditions, not sure if that has anything to do with the AC not working. Did i mention that I am in FLorida and today the high is 73 degrees and last week was in the 80's, so why would this frost warning be on??? I checked the 7.5 amp fuse under the steering wheel and it tested fine but not sure what else to try. Today is Sunday, so I guess I will have to make an appointment to get it into the dealsership to see whats going on with it. Also the start/ stop engine button does not light up either, it is on the dash near the passenger seat side. I also tested all of the fuses under the dash and they all tested good. Can anyone help with this??? Also, the van is new with around 300 miles on it and this is only the 4th time I have driven it. The radio works fine. Has anyone had this issue??? I need to get this van on the road but without the AC working, it will have to sit. Chris Leland Plumbing