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    the direction control only turns half way

    HIya, its a 2006 plate, it connects directly as I'm aware. it connects to a toothed wheel which rolls on a toothed flat which is connected to the rod/cable. I have tried disconnecting the cable.. i need some needle nosed pliers. It feels as though it's the cable itself that doesn't want to be pulled. After playing with the dial there was an audible click after which the dial would only turn back halfway. I'll get some pliers and see. thankyou
  2. Hello and good evening. I've had very low airflow to the windshield since I've had it. I noticed it'd gotten worse and playing with the knob caused it to worsen. Now the lowest the knob will turn is to the middle (which gives airflow to the feet) and will turn to the windshield icon but this gives airflow to the face. I can see it operates by pulling on the metal rod, i can force it to turn/pull more in either direction. I can see underneath the yellow teeth it has 3 notches I assume relate to the 3 directions, and its way out of position. No amount of twiddling will get it back into its normal housing. Any advice?