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  1. newenglandpaintandtile

    Intermittent 12 volt connection

    Thanks Jrm223 now we tried to tap into the front dome light plug and did not work , is that because it is on the CANBUS system and the cargo light is not ? Our problem was both plugs on the front dome light were hot and the light did not operate if our switch was connect I assume this is because of the CANBUS system If I understand correctly the CANBUS is Integrated and nothing can be wired in ? that our only option is to jump off the cargo light ?
  2. newenglandpaintandtile

    Intermittent 12 volt connection

    Thanks for the reply , we are a delivery business witch utilizes body cameras , we have a trigger that once gets 12v source will remotely trigger the cameras , are issue is finding a source that gets hot when the door opens and shit off when closed is there another feature that pushes out 12v when the doors open an cuts the source when they care closed?
  3. Hello guys we have a 2020 ford transit connect I am in need of a 12v power source that comes on when doors open and shut of when closed , where can I tap into ?