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  1. Thanks all! Forgive my slow reply as I dropped off the grid to use the van....without the fan, and need to get back to this mission. My setup will likely be like JackGrimShaw's and set far back like connectvanplans, but offset. I have unfortunately received no confirmation that the adapter for the newer Transit will work in offset mode. It can surely be done offset and I've seen it. At current I will just go with butyl tape and a wooden frame inside unless a magic answer appears. Many folks who have put in center came to the realization of impact after. I haven't started drilling or cutting yet though! @JackGrimshaw is that the Skybox 12? I will share back when I've made the cuts and installed.
  2. Anyone have tips on how far offset and toward the back/rear they were able to go to cut the the hole for a vent fan (Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe planned but any fan could apply) to fit, lay flat’ish, allowing roof rack crossbars/rack to fit along with other items on the opposing side (i.e. cargo box on passenger side and ideally 1 solar panel in front of fan)? Also trying to apply some consideration for where the rack cross bars would fit in this situation (more forward). Don't want to screw this one up! I have a 2016 Cargo LWB. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Billet and Jack. I did reach out to Hein the other day. I will post back what I learn and/or the route I take.
  4. Anybody use this fan adapter (and/or framing strips) but install the vent/fan (Maxxfan Deluxe) offset? Planning to install this to the rear left but it says "center" and older van model versions have an offset option. Time crunch to place the order and I'm already a bit late! https://www.ebay.com/…/Ford-Transit-Connect-R…/142515465891…. Thx.