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  1. DarcyM

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    Thought I would send an update. I ended up taking a chance and having the mechanic replace the passenger side motor mount. The hydraulic one. Instead of using an aftermarket one I had him order a Ford mount. This completely resolved the issue. The aftermarket ones are just the motor mount inside a larger bracket. The ford one includes this whole assembly. Thanks for all the feedback.
  2. DarcyM

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I did this and really didn't notice any change if the AC or lights were turned on. The vibration is getting worse as each week passes. When the engine warms up it does get better for sure. And after about 20 minutes the vibration inside is not gone completely but considerable difference from when it is first started in the morning. In saying this, a slight vibration is now felt on idle. Which is now fairly constant.
  3. DarcyM

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    This is interesting Andrew. Yes, I think it is something like this. It varies a little but after about 10-15 minutes it is smoother. Although, since time has passed since I had the last motor mount changed, it is getting worse. I now feel the slight vibration a little longer and more continuously. Not sure how it would be the alternator even. It does feel like a motor mount, but one mechanic said if it was the motor mount, it would vibrate all the time. With your theory, this would explain the varying degrees of vibration.
  4. DarcyM

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    Any other thoughts on this issue? Or is it something that is normal for this van? And, like Andrew said above, can it be an issue with cheaper motor mounts?
  5. DarcyM

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    Hi GBL, THe vibration begins immediately when I start it up in the morning. This happens on idle as well as when I am driving. As I accelerate or rev it up, the vibration becomes a little more intense with the higher engine speed. After a little while it almost completely goes away and it runs quite smooth with little to no vibration in the cabinet. Could the alternator cause this vibration? How would I check if it is the alternator? I guess see if it is the source of vibration when the engine is on?
  6. I am wondering if anybody has ever experienced, or come across this issue. For several months now I have been getting a persistant vibration when I start my 2010 Ford transit in the morning. After It runs for about 10 to 20 minutes and I am driving the vibration almost completely goes away. I feel it in the floorboards, on the steering wheel. Pretty much the whole van vibrates. I have spent so much money in the last several months trying to figure this out. I also have had all of the engine mounts changed. One was shot and the other two going. I would say that right after they changed them, it was slightly better but seems to have gotten worse. I am also pretty sure that the engine mounts this particular mechanic used were aftermarket. And possibly even cheaper ones. My first question is. Could this vibration still be from the engine mounts even though they are new? One mechanic told me that if it was the engine mounts the vibration would be continuous and not go away after about 20 minutes. Like what is happening in my van. The same mechanic also said the engine mounts looked fine when they inspected. I even took it to a Ford service Centre and they said the engine mounts tested fine. They concluded that the vibration was normal with this van given its age and mileage. Which is about 240,000 km. Again, has anyone ever come across something like this? Thank you in advance.