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    2004 coolant leak

    Hi all, I have a 2004 tdci connect. I noticed today when the van was on a slope, engine facing down there was some coolant leaking down through by the crank pulley. On level ground there is very little leakage if any. Probably the water pump gasket has perished? Is there anything else this side of the engine that could leak water? It's dry around the head and top end of the block. Attached a couple of pics, thanks.
  2. maritimesbob

    2004 coolant leak

    Fitted a new water pump and gasket this morning. It does seem to have been leaking from the pulley shaft area. Anyways, fitted up and taken for a drive. Nice and dry under there. Hopefully sorted now, oh and the chirping noise is gone!
  3. maritimesbob

    2004 coolant leak

    No, seems to be only when sitting still and only when the engine is on a slope downward. That's why I was thinking the gasket has perished as coolant will be sitting inside the pump and dripping out?