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  1. neilthepeel

    Can second row seats be installed in cargo models?

    hey thanks for the reply jrm223 Upon some more scanning of similar forums, I found 2 or 3 posts confirming my fear - the 1st gen TC's that were imported to Canada were ordered as true cargo vans from the factory in Turkey. The floors are definitely without the anchors, inserts, or even the nutserts. Just plain, unmolested steel. Huge bummer. Then as some incredible luck would have it, an excellent condition, low mileage, black in colour (!), 2010 Transit Connect Passenger Wagon that someone had imported from Seattle to Vancouver dropped on Craigslist. I couldn't believe my eyes - and to make things just too weird... It had no back seats! The guy had removed them and used it for his business delivering flowers. They were long gone - and here I was, destitute with nothing but a set of mint condition back seats for a vehicle I'd resigned to assuming I'd never find gets dropped in my lap just begging for it's beautiful seats to be returned. (The passenger version was a flop in Canada, so they're basically a unicorn up here - nothing but cargo versions). I just put the seats in today with shocking ease, and shed a tear of joy. The van goes in on Monday for all new motor mounts, which I understand is a notorious weak spot with these. I know I could do it myself, just no time. The total labour is like $120 (on top of the cost Ford OEM parts of course) so I'm happy to let them bash up their knuckles. I couldn't be happier.
  2. neilthepeel

    Can second row seats be installed in cargo models?

    Hi there Im really hoping for more info about the false floor/seat anchors. I’m not having any luck finding more threads beyond this one by searching this forum. I stumbled across a post on a ford truck forum saying that “non US” cargo models of 1st gen TC’s do NOT have the threaded bolt holes and socket/bar anchors hidden beneath the welded down false floor. I’m in Canada (see: non US) and this information has caused me to hit the brakes on purchasing a used 2013 TC Cargo. The van would be useless to me if I couldn’t have at least one seat in the back for my kid. I have already bought a mint condition OEM 2nd row 60/40 split seat from a 2010 TC passenger wagon, with all the seatbelts and hardware. I grabbed it knowing they aren’t all that common (I searched wreckers all over North America and found only one in Oregon and it was “mouldy and may or may not have a rat living in it”) and to get the ball rolling on the project. my next step was to acquire a 2010-13 TC Cargo, pull up and/or cut out the appropriate spots to expose the seat sockets and nutserts, plug in the second row seat and score a family man touchdown. But this new and disturbing information has given me cold feet. If I were to purchase the used TC, cut in to the false floor and find that indeed there are not any spots to connect the seats because the Canadian models came from a different assembly process without the anchors and holes installed, I’d be in the doghouse for at least until after the next US election. I’ve spoken to almost every Ford dealership service department in my city, and its 50/50 - half saying the anchor points are “probably” under there, half saying don’t be so sure. Maybe I’m answering my own question here - but should I go ahead with the purchase, and just hope that the anchors are there, and if they’re not, sell the OEM seats (hopefully someone will want them) and buy a single aftermarket seat and have it bolted to the floor, as described by others? A key function would be that it can fold down forward somewhat flat. thanks for the read. Looking forward to any insight. neil
  3. neilthepeel

    2011 Cargo-2nd row installed

    Did the seats just simply bolt in? thanks