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  1. Jezza123

    Boost sensor location

    Hello just wondering where the boost pressure sensor is located on a 2004 1.8 tdci 90 hp connect. Thank you
  2. Jezza123

    Power loss when warm

    Okay thanks. think I'll get a diagnostics test run on it first and see if that pulls anything up.
  3. Jezza123

    Power loss when warm

    Hmm okay I'll have a little look, thanks anyway. Any other ideas if it's not the boost sensor. The van seems run fine at idle, just had it idling for 20 mins whilst checking all the pipes and it was fine. It only happens under load when I drive it
  4. Jezza123

    Power loss when warm

    Thanks for the reply, is the boost sensor the sensor on the left hand pipe coming out the back of the inter cooler?? If so if i checked and cleaned sensor and also checked pipes for cracks and couldnt see any.
  5. Jezza123

    Power loss when warm

    Hello everyone was just after some advice So I've had my 2004 tdci ford connect now for about 5 months and has ran well since I've had it. However over the last week a problem has arose. After a few miles of driving when the engine is up to temperature I seem to loose about 90% of the power. I can still accelerate but it is extremely slow progress. The engine seems to be running okay though, no lumps, noises or sputtering, just very slow. When it is cold it runs fine and pulls like normal but as soon as its warm, bang, no power. It feels as if I have no turbo. I have cleaned the maf sensor and checked inlet pipes from inter cooler and also the pipe from the airbox to the turbo and they seem fine. Any ideas what may be causing this ?? All help is greatly appreciated