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    Mechanical problems 64plate ford connect

    Thanks for the reply but that wouldn’t explain the oil leak stopping after the initial pop. Also the popping noise it made when the oil incident happened
  2. The first time I had a problem it started when the battery died so I bump started my van.... soon after this the radiator fan stayed on when the engine was off and was in over drive (noisy) never done this before. Soon after this I noticed oil pouring down the head lights. I am assuming pressure built up somehow and it fired out of where the dip stick is onto the bonnet and down the lights. the garage couldn’t find any faults and cleaned it up. a few months on the battery has died and I bumped it off again. the fan has gone wild again... the oil hasn’t popped again but I think it may be next. any ideas of what is going on? I am not mechanically minded whatsoever so any help would be appreciated