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  1. Hello! Does anyone know if there is an ignition switched fuse in the passenger footwell fusebox on a 2016 Tourneo Connect Titanium? OR, is there an ignition switched fuse in either the Engine bay fusebox or the Luggage Compartment fusebox? I need an ignition switched source to piggyback from for a dashcam so that it turns on and off with the ignition.
  2. OK, just following up to let folk know how I did this. I couldn't find an ignition switched fuse in the passenger footwell so I routed the dashcam wire down the passenger side windscreen trim, out through the body in front of the door and into the engine bay. I piggybacked the rear windscreen wiper 15A fuse which is ignition switched. The dashcam now turns on with the ignition. On the whole this was a lot more work than I expected. If anyone knows a better way I'd like to hear it.
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    Hi Folks! 😀 Just got my Tourneo Connect a month ago. Its a great car which I'll be gently modding. I'm based in Scotland UK