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  1. Wow. Fuse #25 was blown. I replaced it and the lights work perfectly. I'm disappointed in myself that I did not see that from the first moment. When I scanned the fuse list several times I only noticed fuse #8 (headlamps). It was even mentioned earlier in this post that there should be 2 additional fuses, but I still only saw #8. I clearly made this 1000% more complicated than it should have been. Live and learn. Thank you for your help.
  2. 5 wires coming in on the main harness. Both hi beams actually turn on. So it is just the driver side low beam having trouble.
  3. I tested the voltage on the working light and I have 12 volts there, but no voltage on the non-working light. The fuse is not blown; looking in the engine compartment fuse box at fuse #8, 15 amp. I have the main power harness removed from the headlight assembly. There is power coming in through this harness, but I need to find out which terminals supply power to the main lamp. The small running light has always worked properly. I am just having trouble with the driver side main lamp power.
  4. The bulb is good and brand new. There is no corrosion on the contacts and there is no visible damage to the harness.
  5. The driver side headlight was not working on my 2013 Connect. I just replaced both bulbs and the driver side is still not working. The fuse appears to power both lights, so I figured that is not the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Matthew