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  1. Update 4/10/2020: Apparently Ford did an update on the app, and when I installed the latest update, the problem was fixed. Now I see the vehicle's location under Your Vehicle, Vehicle Location. It also now shows the location under the Find button at the bottom of the screen. So who knows what actually changed/updated, but the app works OK now.
  2. Greetings, I have a 2019 TC Titanium which I bought new in OCT 2019. The dealer helped me install the FordPass app on my android phone, register it, and I was thrilled with all the info I could get. Initially the Vehicle location function worked perfectly. The front windshield got a crack and was replaced after only 2,300 miles. The vehicle location function stopped working some time after the windshield replacement. Then one day I connected the phone to the USB socket and the navigation maps changed from the Ford Sync3 maps to the Google map from my phone (My phone took over the touch screen and all sorts of apps appeared on screen). It was after this that the vehicle location function stopped working. Most times I just use the native touchscreen apps (phone, music & maps) and don't connect the USB cable to the phone. Now, at 2,900 miles, the vehicle location function on the FordPass app still says 'Unable to locate". What have I done wrong to loose that function? My phone has FordPass app (Version 2.21.0) permissions set like this: Notifications - allowed; Permissions - Location, Phone & Storage The front windshield replacement was performed by Safelite. They preformed a system re-calibration/test drive of the lane keeping system when they finished. I was able to track their movements with the app, so it worked at that point. I also have the quickclear windshield defrost feature (which took the guys a while to get reconnected). Any help/assistance to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Steve