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    interested in buying

    I use to drive a ford escort wagon up the canyon for about 10 years. It handled great. Yea, I noticed the low ground clearance on the transit and wondered about rocks, etc. I'll have to give this more thought. Thanks for your reply.
  2. wivrrat

    interested in buying

    Hi. I do not own a transit connect YET. I wanted to ask some questions first. I have a mountain cabin I spend the summer's at. I drive 7 miles of mountain dirt road. Been doing it for 33 years. I currently have a little VW rabbit diesel pickup and a couple 4x4's. The first mile of my road is a deep sandy wash. The rabbit goes thru it fine if I don't stop, front wheel drive. I'd like to know how the connect does on sand and pulling up a mountain road. I go from around 3000' to 6000' in the 7 miles. Also, does the AC cool the whole van adequately. I've noticed alot of connect's for sale with extremely high milage. 250,000-300,000. Do they really last that long and if I buy a used van, what mileage is it broken in at? I use my rabbit for packing and selling at local flea markets in my area and pull a small utility trailer. Would I be able to do this with the connect? Sorry for so many questions, but I love the look of the van and the interior space, and just curious as to its functionality.