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  1. longyard

    Rear brake noise

    This noise is usually just the upper shoes spring rubbing against the backing plate. There is a special nickel based grease you can use behind where the spring touches the backing plate. Not worth the effort, however.
  2. I put a remote auto transmission filter on my Ford Ranger in front of the radiator and that made it a SNAP to change the auto trans oil. I used a EMPI remote kit found at most rod shops, or swap meets, for about $15. You MUST use a SATURN SL2 transmission oil filter. Normal engine oil filters cannot take the pressure and they'll blow the ring seal immediately. Question: Anyone ever do a remote tranny filter on the Transit Connect? What about a supplemental tranny oil cooler? Where did you put it? Which did you use? Details? I'm determined to help this tranny stay in good shape and changing the oil frequently is the best way to do it. Thanks, Bill Longyard (I get my vehicle in 10 weeks. I ordered an XLT Premium with the electric front defroster, daytime driving lights, and some other goodies and it has to be built and then shipped.)