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  1. SOLVED - So here is how this played out in case someone else runs into the same thing. I brought the car to a different dealer. The service adviser there was like "yep, you need 4 new door lock actuators (2 fronts and 2 sliding side doors), we see this all the time, in fact I own a 2010 connect and just bit the bullet and did all four on mine and it solved the issue" So I do not understand why the issue presents as intermittent but there you go. I went ahead and had them replace the 4 actuators to the tune of $2000 parts and labor and everything is working well again and it has been 3 weeks since completed. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  2. I have been having intermittent issues that are causing major issues. Brought to the dealer and they misdiagnosed and I have no faith in them at this point. When I brought the transit to the dealer both sliding doors and the back cargo doors would not unlock with the remote. The bigger issue is this is a work vehicle and I was unable to open the sliding doors at all. The cargo doors I could open with a key but I could not get the sliders open. The handle on the inside would not open the sliders. The dealer told me the actuators have failed and would cost $2600 to replace. I did not think this is the issue as what would the chances be of all of them failing at the same time so I picked the vehicle up. Got to the office and found all doors operating correctly with the key fob. So actuators are working. Today issue repeated itself but now it is driver's side sliding door and both front doors. Passenger side sliding door and cargo door remote lock/unlock working fine. I tried disconnecting the battery although only left it disconnected for a couple minutes. Radio stations gone but did not fix door lock/unlock. Does this seem like a failed module? If so can the key be programed to a new module easily or back to the dealer? Is there a way to manually open these sliding doors from the inside when locked? I looked at the child lock in the latch and it appears to be in the unlock position. What makes this more difficult is I have the interior built out with a metal racking system so access is a challenge. I can see something towards the back of the slider on the inside that rotates I think but can't tell what it is. Thanks for any assistance.