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  1. As part of my budget camper build, I swapped in a rear headliner from a 2014 LWB Wagon into my 2017 Van. I'm having problems with the dual dome lights in the new headliner. I connected the new headliner dome light harness to the connection above the pass seat that served the single side-mounted dome light in the van, but no lights (bulbs look OK) - Anything else I'm missing? 11
  2. Mark M

    Swap Gen 2 Wagon rear headliner to Cargo?

    The gaps at the sliding door edges where the airbags were. The side airbags had blown on the wagon I got the headliner from...
  3. Building a budget camper from a 2017 TC LWB XLT Cargo. purchased a rear headliner from a 2014 Wagon and have (2) issues: During install, I swapped the rear courtesy ceiling light connection from the side-mounted passenger side light to the headliner center-mounted units (same connection located above passenger side seat headliner), but headliner lights don't work - Any ideas? There are gaps at the edge of the headliner at the rear sliding doors where the Wagon rear airbags were located. Has anyone else done this swap a found a way to address this or can anyone post a few pics of what this looks like in a wagon os I can get a few ideas? Otherwise, love the TC and cant wait to get it camp-ready... Thanks