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  1. Thanks, hope I can drive across the country to see national parks. In the previous inspections, I did not see any special switch or button on the front panel. I foresee Tesla would win with battery capacitors, but age people like me belong to the generation of the combustion engine and very nervous with new tech.
  2. Every body has free choice. Tesla is very convenient. I like hydrogen fuel because it comes from water and free solar energy. Add on same engine of conventional car. It is suitable for my retirement budget. Wonder how much does it cost to add second tank for Ford TC CNG?
  3. Looks like I must give up CNG Ford CT and get conventional gasoline van. The problem of oil price has started since Henry Ford produced first car in 1908, then the crash in 1929, Depression in 1932, broke and quit VN war, crash in 1987, costed both Pdt Carter and Pdt Bush a second term because of poverty growth, crash in 2001, Iraq invasion, great Depression in 2008 again. Major deficit or debt of our country is from oil imports. This must finish.
  4. Tank's expired date and inspection date and its storage capacity, spray foam to check any leak from the CNG hoses connections (?) and what's else? Thanks.
  5. I am retired and like an used CNG TC van, but no idea about its range, maintenance cost, valves (?). Can I drive it across the country? Thanks in advance any answers.