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  1. Ended up being a diode/fuse accidental swap and now back to the A/C compressor not engaging. If I have over 100psi at rest in my 134 system, does anyone know if that would that at least alow the low pressure cut off (transducer)to be satisfied? Have no factory scanner just going over the basics. The compressor works with the relay jumped. I know the fan speed switch can fail too and not allow the compressor to power up. Schematics will be here in a day. Any suggestions much appreciated. G_Laird
  2. I was chasing an A/C problem and was going thru the fuses- noticed 155 battery saver was empty so I inserted a 10amp per diagram. Now with or without fuss installed the vehicle will not start... when back over the fuses to no avail. Seems to be related to the PATS system.... Anyone know how to reset the system without the dealer? Thanks