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  1. Kim

    Crackly Hose

    Yes. I will. Thanks again.😀
  2. Kim

    Crackly Hose

    Oh for goodness sakes, of course it is. Makes perfect sense. Couldn't figure out why a hose would be right there! Thank you so much. Its a relief! California here I come. Thanks, Don!
  3. Kim

    Crackly Hose

    This is out of my comfort zone and I don’t even know if I’m posting this in the right category,but I’m a bit concerned and needing advice. I know almost zilch about cars or in this case a van. In a couple of days I’m driving from central Arizona to Southern California - about 400 miles. I checked under the hood today for fluid levels (all good)and checked some of the hoses. This one in the picture felt “crackly” under the black tape when I very gently applied pressure with my forefinger and thumb. Rest of the hoses felt fine. After I checked the hoses today I drove about 5 miles doing errands and everything was fine. But with that crackly feeling hose, should I be worried? Thank you.