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  1. I just noticed that my passenger where my door-Lock Knob Right (8C1Z6121850A) goes into is VERY loose... it budges and wants to move but it appears to be way too loose. Any ideas on how to get it tightened back up as it is different to get into deep into the door panel area where my hands don't have much room to work.
  2. My passenger side sliding door on my 2011 Ford Transit XLT cargo van has suddenly stopped opening after using my FOB key to open. I checked the child safety lock at the rear end of sliding door and it did not make a difference in either direction (turned left/right as per the Ford book from dealer). I am only able to open it from the inside where the Sliding Door-Lock Knob Right (8C1Z6121850A) as this is what appears to not be working properly to me. I am wondering this because the drivers side sliding door has the same Lock Knob but drivers side sliding door is working. I also checked the child safety on drivers side and it is working properly. Originally, I was trying to unlock the door by attempting MANY times to open when door was shut and it would VERY rarely open by chance. I did open smoothly as usual when it finally did open but now it is not opening even after trying to get it open when pressing the unlock button the FOB key which felt like a million times. I also opened up the door panels to take a look and everything appears to be connected / functioning from my eyes. The door does not accept a key to be inserted so I can only rely on using the Auto FOB key and then handle to pull open when the door used to work properly. The passenger sliding door for whatever reason does seem to open after waiting over night and only the first attempt in the morning... maybe something is being reset over that time? Also note that the Lock Knobs on both sides are moving when locking/unlocking the van (I can see when inside of cargo space and using FOB key to lock/unlock doors). I am very confused so if anyone has any insight that would be great. I did use the search function but could not find a thread about this very topic for my vehicle.