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  1. MindMajick

    New here just saying hi

    New here myself. Welcome!
  2. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Thank You! It's a good thing I'm incredibly obsessive about everything I touch.. and enjoy reading. I definitely want to take a look around and learn as much as I can b4 making any changes.. so will most likely buy a manual and have the vehicle looked at by Ford in the next couple of weeks just to sure all is A-OK. I was very weary about buying used, BUT already this forum has given me much new knowledge. I.e. Change the tranny fluid around 60kk miles!! The 5 active folks on this site are awesome. Thanks all for being here!
  3. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Hey Don.. Dumb question.. can you set the time with that software? And anywhere to find a comprehensive guide? I know nothing about cars but much about technology. Found the Forscan software site and seems promising and certainly very reasonably priced!
  4. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    I went for the solution the the least chance of damaging my new (to me) vehicle. Bought a black "report cover" and cut a piece just a little bigger than the display. Popped right in and no light leakage at all.
  5. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Ok cool. Sounds like I'll have to purchase a service manual as I'm not very knowledgeable about radios and vehicle stuff. Thank you all for being so awesome. Totally agree about the nicotine habit. I'm 43 and smoked for 32 years. The vape is a step in the right direction and I will NEVER pick up another cig. My mother passed From lung cancer at 62. Also just had a friend staying with me that survived losing a lung.. but his wife left him during the illness. You are a good dude. Thank you. I might just put a picture of my wife there until I figure out how to disable.
  6. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Oh man. Might have to try to find one for sale somewhere! Thank you for the answer either way. The back up camera was hooked up to the new system so that's good! In fact my other annoyance with the screen is that it complains I don't have a backup camera when I back up.. but I do lol. Maybe I can just disconnect the second screen? Is that a possibility without screwing something up? Should I be buying myself a service manual? Thank you all! This is all new to me lol. I absolutely love the versatility of this vehicle but way more "modern" features than any other car I owned. Edit: REALLY hoping I'm not gonna have to put tape over it. Hoping for a more elegant (invisible) solution like turning it off. The ledge is useful for my nicotine vape too lol.
  7. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Wow. And I thought I bought the van for it's durability and versatility. Sorry I asked 😞 -- I don't think I mentioned that my last car was a 2008 Nissan Versa.. The engine and transmission in this vehicle feel downright superpowered in comparison.
  8. MindMajick

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Just bought a 2014 LWB Ford Transit connect with 38k miles on it. It's got the 2.5 and is a white wagon model. I've been looking for a gen2 for about 6 months and was about to drive 200 miles to look at newer one with many many more miles and wear and heavy wear. This one showed up down the street.. had a clear Carfax (whatever that means lol) and was the right price for me. I'll drop pictures when I have them, but was wondering how many (bi)cyclists are around here? Trying to figure the best way to fit non-road bikes internally without damage. So far moving blankets work ok but inelegant. Completely in love with this vehicle. It is everything I expected but still praying I have no issues. Never owned a Ford and always heard bad stuff, but it truly feels like a baby truck to me. (Also- if anyone sees this. The last owner put an awesome aftermarket stereo in.. and I have this second screen thing above it. Does ANYONE know how to fix the time on the second screen??? Driving me insane!) i Hello everyone 🙂