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  1. Hmm, I did not know that. I guess 150k is a much longer "vehicle lifetime" now than in years past. My main concern at that mileage is engine/transmission replacement. But there is also considerable wear on everything else. At $10,000 I don't think it's worth the savings. I'm not sure at what price point it would be? There are a couple 2016s in town for around $16k with 30k miles on them. 60% more expensive than the 10k car, but probably worth it for repair savings?
  2. Hi, just found this forum and I've been reading a bit. I think the general "complaints" about the TC come from us spoiled American Drivers with huge SUVs/pickups and such. The euro-design of the TC is great, if you "get" it. I'm also digging the TC as you can get a camper top put on here in Portland by Ursa Minor/eCamper. Our current car is a Honda Fit, it's amazing what we've been able to get in there for weekend trips. Commuting solo in a quad-cab pickup? C'mon! Anyways, I'm glad to see this vehicle appreciated here! We added a Highlander to our fleet, but it was totaled by a drunk driver on New Years Eve. Fortunately we weren't in it, but now we need a new car. And it needs to fit two car seats... I test drove a 2014 TC Passenger XLT this weekend. Great vehicle! I appreciate the utility, economy, and overall package. But... it's got 160k on it. Some kind of corporate fleet vehicle. $10,000. I'm guessing I'm just asking for problems with something like this? There was a 2016 TC Passenger Titanium here, with 66k that just sold for $14500. That would've probably been worth the extra $4500? So with the standard issues on these, what's a good mileage range to not be afraid of if the price is decent?