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  1. Egerry

    tc Gen differences

    Thanks all. jrm, can you describe the footwell for me? I've seen glimpses of it in video but I imagine its underneath the plastic cargo matt on most vehicles? Do you have any idea how deep and wide it is? It sounds like an optimal place to put a house battery and propane, if its big enough.
  2. Egerry

    tc Gen differences

    Part of my old build, I had cabinets underneath that slid on walnut sliders. Looked nice.
  3. Hi all, first time poster here, My 2013 TC XLT camper conversion was just totaled in an accident. I'll post some pictures when I can. I've decided I'm going to get another TC with the insurance money but I'm torn between getting a first gen or second gen. I loved the XLT features but I figure I can do without or DIY some things, like the backup camera. Can anyone attest to living in a second gen with the 4" lower roof? Is it too low? I'm 5 6" and I got by hunched over in my 2013...but I figure an LWB is a whole foot longer sso it is bigger overall. Also, can anyone clarify for me, 1st gen TC XL don't have power windows or locks, but the current gen XL does? Thanks!