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  1. Thanks Everyone! I decided against this one. Will keep shopping and exploring
  2. Thanks everyone That is interesting, seemed simple then? The dealer that has it for sale also just did an oil change. The good thing for you is that you are still under power train warranty if in case anything is wrong. The TC drove well, It accelerated well, not much road or engine noise in the cabin, slow to brake (the brakes were replaced and it could just be me getting use to a larger car - I could not make the sharp turns I am use to in the CTS). On the valve cover, I took a quick look but I think it was between the ignition coils. The mechanic that looked at it was not really concerned. He seemed more concern about the oil on the bottom (he said worst case it a rear main seal). He also notices that the front axle was a little wet at boot and some fluid at right seal (attached picture). I thought these vehicles had a life long transmission oil (something along the lines that it was sealed). Is the flush a maintenance item or and ease of mind item? How much would a flush cost for this car? Thoughts? I am looking at the online ford maintenance schedule, are these fairly accurate? Does the TC require more attention the this? One of the selling point for TC was the minimal maintenance requirements. What is your experience?
  3. Thanks Fifty150! It is a lot of mile, the last owner used it for deliveries around town and put ~40K miles in a year. Does a having a lot of miles in a short amount of time make is less valuable/more risky than lots of mile in a longer period of time? I ask because the high millage gets me a good deal on the car and was thinking 60K miles is really not much if I consider the life of the car. Thoughts? Is the Valve cover a major issue/repair? Good point on the gravity, when looking at the leak is seemed it was pretty isolated to that area so was thinking something there would be leaking. I will try to see if I can trace it back. Do you think it could be transmission oil? I am working with the dealer to determine what they can do to fix the issue. From your suggestion, it sounds like I should run if the dealer can't fix the leak. Thanks again MJ
  4. Hi Transit Connect Team, New member here. With my past vehicles forums and the local community has been a life saver. Hope you can help me also. I have been shopping for a Transit Connect Passenger LWB Van as a hybrid for persoal and business use. It seems perfect for family road trips and to haul furniture/appliances for my family's real estate business. I found a used 2016 Transit connect with ~$61k miles (just out of power train warranty). Had the car checked out and overall the car looks good but I found a small leak on the bottom of the car and wanted to get the forums thoughts on if this is something I should run away from. Below I attached a picture. The leak seems small and the color looks brown but I am worries that leak could be from the transmission which I read could be nightmare on the TCs. Also not sure if this is large or small concern for these vehicles. Also notice oil on the top of the engine by the spark plugs. Did not get a picture but the mechanic said that it did not concern him. Any guidance and thoughts are much appreciated. Also anything else I should consider or be in the look out for as I do my research? Thanks Team! MJ