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  1. Hi everyone! My husband and I are considering purchasing a Transit Connect for my next vehicle. I current drive an F150 extended cab, and have for the last 18 years. We are looking for a family vehicle, but one that also has the flexibility for hauling anything. Not being a minivan and being able to be packed out for camping trips are pluses in my eyes. My husband really likes the idea of the Connect, and I'm starting to get on board. Last weekend we test drove a 2015 TC Titanium and I'm still unsure. Here's why: 1. It's so low to the ground! This may be something I could get used to, but I was really surprised that it drove like a car and not like a truck. With the monstrous amount of headroom I was expecting to feel higher up off the ground. Would I need to baby it like a car? Or is that all in my head because I'm a truck driver? 2. It's only a V4, and from what I've read that's the only option. My truck is a V6 and I could tell a difference on the test drive. How has the engine performed for everyone? 3. The rear view mirror is probably the worst designed I've ever seen - so much so that if we bought that car I would replace it right away. If you turn around and look out the vehicle it has amazing visibility from all the windows. However, the rear view mirror is very small and there is a shelf above it with a dip in the middle that actually blocks part of the mirror. Is this shelf standard? Has anyone else had issues with the mirror? 4. The windshield and the front go on for days. I would consider taping a yard stick to the front until I got a feel for it, since I can't see the end of the vehicle. I'm probably being weird and it's something I could get used to. 5. Has anyone else used it as a family vehicle with multiple kids in carseats? We only have one kid now, but plan to add more this next year (through both *hopefully* pregnancy but also through foster care). I like the 2nd row being a bench so it's a 7 seater, but what about access to the back? This is the one that we test drove: https://bit.ly/2F9ITI8 Thanks for your input!