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  1. I found this. Anybody know what those two nubs are? what are they for? are they fixed steel? anybody know what the distance between them might be? Also by chance anybody removed the panel on their liftgate? got a picture? how much empty space is inside there?
  2. I'm looking at a 2019 cargo XL Short Wheel Base for a very small, modest, stealthy camper conversion. Space will be tight. Anybody know or got photos of what is behind that plastic molding over the wheel wells? Can I remove it? I'm asking because I need to anchor two steel support brackets from side to side over the wheel wells and I need the full width of van (at least 55 inches) . How about inside the sliding door behind the mdf panel around where the step is? I need another 3 or four inches of space inside the door around where the step is Additionally, anybody know what the exact measurement is from the inside of back door to that center console armrest on the short wheel base? I think it's 78 but want to be sure. BTW, anybody know if that armrest can be removed cleanly? Thanks.