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  1. LukeMay

    Replaced a motor mount

    2011 XLT premium, 111k miles. LRM
  2. LukeMay

    Replaced a motor mount

    ...and what a difference! I was getting lots of vibration and noise from under the hood. Bought a new insert off of eBay and swapped it in about 90 minutes. It did require me using an impact gun and compressor to break the bolts loose. The vibration is almost all gone and the noise is much less. Total cost: less than $20 US. I bought the other 2 mounts, but I'll replace those when it warms up some. Got serious vision and noise from under the hood? Look into this repair.
  3. LukeMay

    Hellos and Introductions

    Trying again to post pictures. Maybe they're too big? 🙂
  4. LukeMay

    Hellos and Introductions

    I checked the backup camera again. It doesn't look there's any scratches or hazing on the lens. Problem probably lies deeper within. I may end up using a license bracket unit and splicing it into the existing wiring. Here are a couple of pictures of the mast and the mounting on the roof. Apologies for the quality. I'll take better ones later if time permits.
  5. LukeMay

    Hellos and Introductions

    It's not just the mast. Looks like what the mast screws into. There's a plastic base on the roof. I'll get a picture loaded up. Doesn't look like dirt on the lens, but I'll check that. Luke May
  6. LukeMay

    Hellos and Introductions

    Hello and thanks for this forum. I recently purchased a 2011 XLT model with 106K miles on it. According to CarFax, it's an old State Farm mobile office vehicle. No back seats, a solid composite floor, and at one time had a desk and a chair for working with customers at remote sites. It has all the windows, which my wife likes for visibility purposes. It's in great shape, and runs well. Some things will need attention: The antenna is in the glove box (yes, I know it doesn't work as well as when it's on the roof). Need to find some replacement for that. The backup camera is VERY blurry. OEM unit runs about $250-400, so I may be looking at a retrofit of a cheaper unit. Check of normal maintenance items (fluids, tires, belts, etc). Other than that, the vehicle drives nicely, and should suit us well for its tasks: estate sales, light hauling, musical equipment, etc. Thanks again for having me, and I hope to chat with you all soon. LukeMay