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  1. Roger Kees

    anyone ready to talk about the 2019 FTC?

    Just checked my 2019 Passenger Wagon with Sync3. Still requires USB... Will be nice if an update provides wifi, or even Bluetooth!
  2. Roger Kees

    anyone ready to talk about the 2019 FTC?

    I've had my 2019 Wagon LWB XLT for three weeks and enjoying the experience very much. Great visibility, space and comfort. I have good connectivity of my Android phone altho Android Auto does require a USB connection for Google Maps and phone screen on the Transit Display. Blindspot and driver assist is growing on me. Took a lot of searching to find a car on a lot so I didn't have to wait up to 4 months to get what I wanted. Dealer was 100 miles away! Only compromise I had to make was color, but I can handle it. Enjoying thinking about a few ways to do some simple additions for an occasional overnight or weekend of dry camping.