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  1. Tully Kieys

    Introducing myself and a camper

    Hey- right on , not our smokes or drink . The guy who was working on it that day and lost all manner of clips and screws. Even after Tully reminded him a half dozen times to save everything. Tully , well she doesn’t back down and gave him hell and then some. The kid left his tools and never came back for his check. lol she is a chef and gets wound up after she closes the restaurant. She thinks American Spirts are fantastic. She needs to quit before we go to Florida this year . She had a ‘58 VW bus which the old owner named “tofu” and was seriously into it. She was in high school at the time . It was. Vermont . best Kieys ps- does anyone have experience with Fiberine ? Thinking about a 22 inch high top .
  2. Tully Kieys


    It was Wray Colorado to NY
  3. Tully Kieys

    Introducing myself and a camper

    Heck no say it ! Thank you .
  4. Tully Kieys


    We went to CO from NY for our Titanium. It was damaged in a hail storm at a Ford dealer. It was on Cargurus for 11.5k. That was a reason to go for. It had been used for car shows so it had absolutely every option except the overhead storage compartments. What can hail do to a van , fenders built into the hood these days , it was easy to find a white hood and painted it and then the idea of two-tone came up and fit the budget, almost fit . Women are great shoppers, right guys ? Tully
  5. Tully Kieys

    Introducing myself and a camper

    Hi - re: the set up of the PIAA , yellow are on their own switch and we added the driving PIAA set are combined with the switch from the stock driving/fog lamps. Turns out LED bulbs were not installed in the hi n’ lows . Advice welcome on that . would love a set of the curtains if you find them. We absolutely could not tap through the cross brace to mount the whites ( they were not installed at the same time) Ended up using adhesive to mount them . The yellows were attached to plastic grill. The whites will be recessed flush to the grill . Just quit for the night and will send pics of it done. We picked up the van the Monday after Thanksgiving last year and this is the ending place .... for now. Kieys works at a custom shop , and comes back with “ideas” . Then I tell him what’s up ! Lol Installed a front and rear camera today as well. Finally it’s been de-badged, If anybody would like the Titainium letters Let me know. Thanks for the replies y’all, I’ve been wanting to show it off all year. Best and thanks Tully
  6. Tully Kieys

    Introducing myself and a camper

    Hi - that’s from Tasca Ford https://www.tascaparts.com/?p=catalog&mode=search&search_in=all&search_str=Overhead An 8 in LED light was hard wired inside . The sun visors we added to use as a shelf inside. They are very flexible and the set on the side double block the windows from being seen in . They came out of ‘16 & ‘17 TC $150 for all 4 of them. Also snagged a front consoles from a ‘17 TC. Not sure how and where to mount it or maybe cut it up and use part of it .
  7. Tully Kieys

    2013 XL to XLT conversion

    Check out an explosion diagram on the bumper cover , on the XLT Titainium . Thats a lot of wire to run and splice and and ... The Prius we did was $800 and has been fussy admittedly, there were multiple aftermarket accessories added.
  8. Tully Kieys

    Introducing myself and a camper

    A Ford Transit Connect Titainium LWB 2015 we are converting to a Minimalist camper to travel the states for 2019—> ? The platform for bed with a safe and extra storage. Under the front passenger seat is a Blaupunkt subwoofer. Stock speakers replaced with high end Alpines. The inverter is 3000watts , two deep cell batteries and a High quality refrigerator that has a drawer instead of a hinged door. We added storage compartments in the rear overhead , attached sun visors to the bottom of the storage compartment. They have 1/2 dozen uses. Limousine tint in the back , strip lights around the moon rooftop. They work by switch or for multi colors by remote. The van had all the options plus , it was first used by Ford Transit Connect Titainium LWB 2015 to show it off at events. Then it sat at a Ford Transit Connect Titainium LWB 2015 dealership in Colorado until last fall it was damaged by hail . When we found it was a deal on car gurus . The damage is ? what can hail really do to a van ? The roof is glass and was replaced along with the windshield after the hail storm. A salvage hood , white what else ? Painted to match and two toned with “ Ginger Ale Metallic “ a Ford color used on Escape , Edge etc. Also added a set of 3.5 inch PIAA Yellow Fog LED and a matched set of 3.5 PIAA White Blue Driving lights. Up graded all the stock lights to LED.