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  1. zman6945

    Blower Fan Access

    I have a 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT and I need help figuring out how to get at my blower motor - no, it's not burned out but it will be soon if I cannot get at it to clear it out! This past Sunday I started up my van and the blower motor was very loud and vibrating the entire dash. I was like, wtf! So I was trying to find where my blower motor is so I can find out why it's vibrating and shaking my dash -- all the google searches said it was behind the glove box and accessible from underneath the dash, so I pop the plastic rivets and lower the useless felt piece to find only ducts. I lower my glove box and look behind it and find just my fuse panel. I look over behind the center of the dash - there it was - smack against the firewall and full of leaves, so I try to access it from outside from the vents, nope, just more plastic duct work! SO now I feel I must take my center dash apart to get at the blower motor to clean out the leaves and ensure nothing else is causing the noise - I want to find out if anyone here has had to do this job before I go removing my dash - it isn't going to be easy - I don't want to have to remove my radio as I believe it will need a code to work again if unplugged since it has satellite radio equipped. Anyone who can help me with how to best access the blower motor is greatly appreciated since Google results aren't showing my van repair instructions from you tubers. What I cannot understand is how leaves got in there in the first place - the outside venting inlets are covered by mesh. So how did leaves get in there??? My auto repair man wants about $200 to do the job. I just don't have money to waste on just cleaning out the fan!