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    2011 TC Loud engine or exhaust??

    Thanks G B L. i do have the flex and I'll check that out. I have noticed that the flex is very easy to move.
  2. AlpineRider

    2011 TC Loud engine or exhaust??

    Hello all. I was hoping to get some ideas about engine noise in my 2011 Transit Connect. It's a US model XLT with 122,000 miles (gas engine). I have replaced the muffler and silencer but not the catalytic converter. The noise sounds like a loud exhaust but is coming from the engine compartment as best I can tell. I can see no signs of exhaust leaks from anywhere on the system. The engine is loud under acceleration but quieter when you back off the throttle. It doesn't sound mechanical such as valve train noise or injectors. The CV joints appear to be OK as well. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer :-)